Nightmares in adults

The stress, anxiety and discomfort we accumulate during the day are relieved during the night while we sleep. They say that about 80 percent of people dream of occasionally being attacked or chased by something or someone. Dreams like this have their roots in the fears of the original communities from the attacks of wild beasts.

Dreams such as falling, driving, and flying symbolize everyday real events such as fearing for children, quarreling with a partner, pressure at work. The seas are generally harmless and unrelated to real life problems, but the recurring ones may indicate some trauma from the past that they do not consciously think about, but sometimes subconsciously brings them to the surface.

Former drug and alcohol addicts, war victims and soldiers who have been at war are the most common nightmares. Through dreams, the mind is confronted with negative emotions, discomfort and fear. This is not bad, because in this way consciousness can function steadily when people are awake.

We dream of nightmares as often as pleasant dreams, only as often as we remember them. Such dreams are also easier to remember because we dream them in the REM phase, which is the last phase of sleep before waking. Statistics say we only remember one percent of the dreams we dream of.

Some common dreams we dream of have universal symbolism. Psychologists have studied the meaning of dreams such as falling, flying, failing the exam, falling out of their teeth, and come to the conclusion that such dreams are linked to fears of loss of control, problems with sex, noise and loss of balance.

If you dream of material things being destroyed in a fire or stolen, it can say that you are losing intangible values ​​in life such as the encouragement or support of loved ones, whether it be a partner, children or friends.

When people are in crisis, they can dream of some natural disaster. Such dreams indicate that the person who dreams them feels threatened by something. If teeth fall out in dreams, those people are afraid of being hurt.

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