North Dalmatia - from Pag to Primosten

Dalmatia, the jewel of Croatia, can be divided into northern, central and southern Dalmatia. Dalmatia is known as an area that attracts a large number of tourists for a variety of reasons, and we can freely list the natural beauty and the many amenities that delight the attendees. Northern Dalmatia covers the area from the island of Pag in the north to the town of Primosten in the south.

As we can see, this is a larger area that includes a large number of attractive places on the Adriatic.

In addition to the famous coastal towns such as Rogoznica, Northern Dalmatia is also attracted by the large number of islands that are most famous for their indentation from all other islands on our coast. Here we can count the island of Pag, or its southern part with the town of Pag, then Ugljan, the unique Silba, the island of Vir, the island of Murter, Pašman, Krapanj, Iz, Zlarin, Molat, and of course the inevitable group of the Kornati islands.

In addition to these beautiful islands, this part of the coast contains three beautiful National Parks such as Kornati, Krka and Paklenica. Kornati are known as a true paradise for boaters and because of its great indulgence, Krka owes its popularity to the beautiful waterfalls and the beach on the tufa. Paklenica is known for its steep canyons, that is, the harsh side of nature.

In addition to the National Parks, the northern part of Dalmatia includes two Nature Parks such as Telascica and Lake Vrana. Telašćica Nature Park is most attractive to boaters and other tourists, mainly because of its salt lake called Peace, which is accessible by foot. Vransko Lake Nature Park is known as the largest natural lake in Croatia with a well-known ornithological reserve with as many as 224 bird species.

We said at the beginning that this is a region that includes the most attractive places on the Adriatic, such as Zadar, Sibenik, Biograd na moru, Vodice, Primosten, Rogoznica, Sv. Filip i Jakov, Skradin, Starigrad - Paklenica, Pirovac.

The North Dalmatia region has been widely known since ancient times, as evidenced by numerous ancient settlements, Roman monuments and preserved centers of medieval towns. If you decide to come, know that you have a large selection of hotels and apartments and additional amenities that will turn your ordinary vacation into a few weeks of paradise and well-being.

Author: S.Š. Photo by Dziewul / Shutterstock

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