Old varieties of apples

Probably your grandmother's garden in the middle of the lawn has a variety of fruit trees, apples, pears, cherries, and near the house is an apricot that loves the sun. In the spring, these fruit trees are full of beautiful flowers around which the bees are ringing, and when autumn comes they have beautiful fruit trees. In winter, the cellars are filled with harvested fruits that are rich in flavor and vitamins.

The old varieties were not as beautiful and large as they are today, but they were rich in aroma. Fortunately, even today, the nurseries can find old varieties that you can plant in your orchard. Most old varieties are not demanding and easy to maintain. The fruits of such fruits will give you a rich aroma in marmalades, juices and jams or cakes.

Of all the fruit trees, apple has been grown in many varieties for centuries. There are many new varieties, but the old ones are certainly unattainable in their aroma.

The old apple type is known from the Danish apple and has been known since 1760. It thrives well on poor terrain, but it does not thrive best on sandy soil. This apple ripens from late September to mid-October. It is very juicy and sweet and if stored well it can be stored until January.

Also known is the red star renet which, in olden times, was known as the Christmas apple because of its bright red color. This species likes medium highs and is very resilient. Its fruits are harvested in mid-October and can be stored until March.

Gray winter renets look for fertile and moist soil in moderately warm climates. The fruits can be harvested from mid-September to mid-October. If stored well, the fruits can last until spring. The fruits of this apple are sour and juicy and are suitable for baking in the oven and cakes.

The golden winter steamer has been known since 1700 in France. It likes a warm climate and fertile moderately moist soil. If its soil is suitable, it will bear great fruit. This apple aroma is reminiscent of hazelnut. You can harvest it from mid-September, but it will mature completely from October to December.

Author: S. G., Photo: Catalin Petolea / Shutterstock

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