Overalls for Summer

In 6 years, we will be proud to celebrate our 100th anniversary since the jumpsuit entered the fashion dictionary. Introduced by Florentine Thayat. After this brief spectacular flash, it disappeared for a while and could not be seen until again in the 60's it intrigued high-fashion designers.

So Yves Saint Laurent gave a cue for the return of this fantastic outfit.

Not only do the overalls look great and outlandish, they are also extremely practical and stand out with the female figure. They are actually made of trousers paired with an upper that can be in many shapes, from just a plain corset to one that looks like a long-sleeved shirt. Also, when the sun is up, do not hesitate to wear shorts overalls. However, for festive occasions, choose ones that are longer than fluttering expensive materials.

This year, it is permissible though that the favorites are still the ones with wider socks that will gently hug your thighs as you move, while the upper part is concentrated on an interesting neckline. It can be geometric, boat, deep V or sloping.

Depending on the model you choose, choose jewelry accordingly. If your model closes the neckline a little more, focus on large bracelets and striking bags, but if it's a large neckline, it simply begs for a bulky statement necklace.

As far as patterns are concerned, we are already well aware of pastel color palettes, flower meadows printed on fabric, stripes and geometric prints. For a day and relaxed coffee with friends we suggest overalls with an interesting print, while for special occasions one-color overalls are better suited, which you can then modify at will with decent or dramatic fashion accessories.

If you decide to buy just one jumpsuit this summer, then have it be just the classic all-rounder that looks like it was made for you. As neutral as this is, you can freely choose some more dramatic material or a shocking cut on the back or something like that. Enjoy summer and fashion and even if you don't think your overalls would be worth it, play around, try one out, it might fascinate you.

Author: L.K., Photo: Zdenka Darula / Shutterstock

How to style overalls for summer! (January 2021)