Pain in the arm

Pain in the arm occurs between the shoulder and the wrist. They may be of lower intensity and treated at home, or may be associated with a fracture that requires intensive medical treatment. Pain as tingling can be the result of nerve inflammation, compression on the nerves and various injuries.

Pain can occur in the right and left hands. If felt in the right hand she usually is a symptom of a smaller number of diseases, and if it occurs as a result of muscle inflammation, it will disappear with the help of lining.

Pain in left arm could be a symptom of cardiac arrest or stroke. If you feel pain in this area, you should see a doctor most likely to refer you to an ECG. If shortness of breath, severe heart palpitations and vomiting occur with pain, you should report to an ambulance as soon as possible.

Causes of pain in the hands

The causes may differ depending on whether they are caused by a minor problem or a dangerous condition. The most common causes of pain are:

  • wedged nerve in the elbow
  • broken arm
  • tennis elbow
  • broken wrist
  • twist
  • bursitis
  • hernia discus
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • arthritis
  • tendinitis

If the reason is frozen shoulder then ligaments, muscles and tendons become rigid. Frequent repetition of a particular action as well as injury can result in tendon inflammation. More serious injuries such as a dislocation can cause shoulder and arm pain.

Treatment of joint pain

The doctor should contact you in the following situations:

  • If the pain does not recede after a few days and there is an increase in swelling.
  • If there are symptoms that are reminiscent of stroke and heart attack.
  • You cannot move your arm or leg.
  • If you hear a crack or crunch in your bones due to a shoulder or arm injury.

Treatment will depend on the cause, and the best and safest solution is to see a doctor who will refer you for further examinations. Assistance consists of therapies performed in competent medical institutions and self-help.

Do you suspect you have broken arm or wrist, you can help yourself by placing it in the affected area ice pack. Ice wrap keep it until the doctor arrives. Code nerve entrapment care should be taken proper posture you use ergonomic seating chair.

There are several self-help methods that will help ease your current situation, which are:

  • Compressive bandage - May reduce pain.
  • Painkillers - Although it will not eliminate the cause, they can help stop uncomfortable pain during the night.
  • Rest - After any activity involving the active use of hands, it is necessary to take a rest in which you will hold your hand for a while in a position that will not cause discomfort.

See how you can rest your hands after working on your computer.

Natural painkillers

You want to reduce the uncomfortable feeling that occurs in your hands follow natural remedies that will help:

  • Apple cider vinegar - Helps reduce joint pain by acting on harmful substances in the body. It is a rich source of electrolytes such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and potassium, and it is advised to take it every morning. One small spoonful of apple cider vinegar and honey in a glass of water is sufficient.
  • Ginger - Fresh, in the form of tea or capsules, provides an anti-rheumatic effect.
  • Nettle tea - in addition to reducing pain, it also protects the health of the urinary tract.
  • Garlic - rich in selenium and sulfur that work against rheumatism. The lining should be kept for 2 to 3 hours in the affected area.
  • Turmeric - Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. You can mix it with honey and milk and drink it when you feel discomfort.
  • Acupuncture - It is known that acting on certain acupuncture points can eliminate pain.
  • Acupressure - a treatment method that is part of acupuncture. The difference is the way acupuncture points are acted upon. With acupressure, stimulation is done with the pressure of a finger and can be done at home.
  • Cat's Claw - Provides anti-inflammatory properties. It has been shown to be useful in the pain caused by osteoarthritis. As it improves immunity, it can worsen the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis at the same time, which is why you should consult your doctor before use.

Teas like these will also help lady's grass, peppermint, yarrow and chamomile. Two cups a day are enough to make you feel better.

On occurrence inflammatory condition in your joints you should keep an eye on your diet and make the menu of mostly fruits and vegetables. Should reduce salt and milk intake, since dairy products contain arachoid acid which can cause pain and throw out coffee as meat and meat products.

Make sure you take in enough calcium as a vitamin C and D. Remember to stay in the fresh air for as long as possible, and while winter conditions prevail, be sure to dress warmly.

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