Perfect wedding makeup

To get the perfect look for your wedding day, a convenient make up is just as important to you as it is to a wedding dress or shoes. Your styling may not be complete unless the makeup is appropriate or appropriate. Which makeup is best chosen depends on the look of the wedding dress itself as well as the type of your complexion and hair color.

If you are not smart with makeup, we do not recommend you to make up yourself on your wedding day, but to hire a makeup artist. However, if you prefer to be your own master and makeup works well for you, the only thing that matters is determining which makeup works best for you. In the beginning, you should be aware that the correct one is the old one: "Less is more". Therefore, do not overdo it so that your makeup does not get all the attention.

Most brides choose a simple make up, which is a much better option. Smokey or overly makeup eyes, bright red lipstick, or too powdery are a bad option because you will look too flashy, and probably a little crappy.

This may be a proper make up for an evening out, but not for a wedding. However, it is better to choose a slightly more neutral makeup for the wedding. If you have light eyes and hair, the shades and tones of pink will work well for you. A light mascara or eye pencil, a moderately applied blush and a bright lipstick or lip gloss are enough to make you look perfect. The emphasis will be on the wedding dress anyway.

The darker complexion and eyes are suited to a slightly stronger makeup, which is mainly related to lipstick. The red lipstick, although not too strong, fits in with darker hair. If you emphasize your lips with lipstick, your eyes should be lightly wrinkled so as not to create an unpleasant impression. If you choose a softer color of lipstick or gloss, you can highlight your eyeshadow. The blue, green and purple shades of summer are especially in vogue. If you have a darker complexion and brighter eyes, be sure to choose a green shade that will further highlight your eyes and visually make them larger.

Author: D.Š., Photo: vita khorzhevska / Shutterstock

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