Pets and baby

Many times the question has been asked whether it is good for a child to grow up in the same space as a dog and a cat, or whether it is dangerous for the child's life or health. Of course you will come up with different answers and claims, because there are those who claim that the presence of a pet while the baby is little is by no means good, while others will argue that it may even be good for your child or the whole family.

Most couples, when deciding to live together, get a dog or cat that they devote all their attention and love to, which is normal. However, the situation begins to change when you find out that you are in a different state. We think that the dog should be trained from the beginning while the puppy is listening to you and that he is actually the last member in the pack, which depends primarily on you and your love.

If you trained the dog well then there should be no problem with the baby's arrival, as he or she first learned to use a certain system of rules, such as sleeping next to the bed and feeding not every day at the same time. So from the very beginning he is aware that you love him, but that he is not always in the first place, which is very important when the baby comes, since absolutely everything changes.

Much of the family was confronted with the pet's jealousy, but if it responded in time, that jealousy was almost gone and the dog somehow became accustomed to the presence of another family member to be kept and who was also above him in the pack.

It is considered very good to train a pet before confronting it with a large number of children and showing him or her a different behavior than the adult, that is, he or she must behave normally and show no signs of aggression if the child may have received it a little more strongly, or accidentally pulled by the tail.

When a baby arrives, it is good at first to forbid a pet to move around in the nursery, clean until the baby is accustomed to a whole new world, where, besides the parents, he has a hairy friend who will keep him entertained and, of course, keep him safe. Numerous studies have shown that it is good for children to grow up with pets, because they learn so much earlier in life on a particular commitment and, above all, responsibility, not to mention that the child and the pet develop a special kind of relationship.

Author: S.Š. Photo by Tomasz Markowski / Shutterstock

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