Pigskin shiver

One kilogram of pigskin is cut into two-finger-thick plates, soaked in plain water several times in one day, with the knife cleanly removed, and any impurities externally, and again put into clean water. Leave it to warm and boil, repeatedly clean with a knife, then place in cold water. The next day it is boiled with 5 liters of water at a measured fire, so that the water ejects only the foam, without stirring, until it can be crushed with your fingers, removing the foam and grease. When they become soft, the shiver is slowly filtered through a strained napkin, cooled, and the next day the dirt from the top and bottom is removed, and the aspic is then cleaned with lemon juice and snow, which must remain on the surface of the shiver as a thick blanket, while boil gently for three quarters of an hour, without stirring. The shiver, which has become clear in the meantime, is filtered several times and poured very thinly into bowls and plates to allow it to air dry. When dried, they are cut into sheets, they are separated and completely dried in situ. When used for meat or fish shakes, it is melted or added before it becomes translucent instead of cuticles or bladder.

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