Pilates exercises for beginners

One great way to removing excess from the abdomen are and Pilates exercises adapted for beginners. Such workouts are performed on the mat and best strengthen you they activate the abdominal muscles resulting in a toned and tightened stomach. The following are the best Pilates exercises for beginners.

Pilates is not only great for losing excess inches at the waist, it can also help improve posture, tighten the whole body and make it easier to carry out daily tasks.

Pilates exercises

Pilates beginner exercises performed on a Pilates class are effective and can be performed by anyone, even in the heat of their home. Training should not exceed 20 minutes, and need it repeat 3 times a week before and after training and perform stretching exercises.

One of the exercises it's called circles in the sky, and includes inner thighs, buttocks, back and abdominal muscles, and hips. All these body parts can shape this exercise well.

It is necessary here fold your arms behind your head and lie down on your back. The torso needs to be lifted slightly from the floor and tightened abdominal muscles. It is necessary raise your right leg about ten inches into the air, and if it is too heavy for the person to leave it on the ground.

The left leg should be raised and the abdominal muscles tense, while with the left foot by air outline smaller circles. Circuits need work clockwise, and are outlined four rounds after which changes direction and are then delineated counter-clockwise.

After that it is necessary lower both legs and replace them so now the right foot is high. Again, repeat four circles in both directions and take a short break.

The next exercise is called board under the slope and reflects on the biceps, back and abdominal muscles, buttocks and hindquarters, triceps, chest and lower legs. He is a person in this exercise in a sitting position with legs outstretched he places those palms on the ground slightly behind his waist. The fingers of the palms should be facing forward.

The head and view should be kept forward and the elbows should not stiffen. It is necessary to stretch out the left leg as much as you can and then lower it and by no means not to let the right hip lower. They are done in this exercise four repetitions, after which the same exercise is repeated on the other side.

It is clear how useful Pilates is and how good this type of exercise can bring. If you want to know how to style your body, it's time to turn to exercises that will allow you to do it.

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