Pilates exercises for better feeling

You must have heard about Pilates more than once. For all those who are not yet sure what exactly it is about, Pilates is a holistic discipline that relates to the coordination and balance of body and mind, which enables better posture, better flexibility, strengthening muscles and increasing both confidence and concentration. Joseph Pilates is the founder of this discipline and the initiator of a new exercise style.

It is necessary to know that this is not about aggressive exercises, but controlled stretching and breathing exercises, and before you decide on Pilates, know that it requires regularity, as otherwise meaning and purpose are lost.

There are 6 basic principles that must be addressed: breathing (coordinated by exercise), concentration, control to avoid possible injury, center and flow, neither too fast nor too slow.

After a certain amount of time you spend exercising, you will get really great results and have incredible control over us with your body, and the fact that Pilates will give you a good feeling all the time as you exercise should not be overlooked.

Of the various exercises that are recommended, rotating at the waist is one of the more popular. This exercise is perfect for stretching your abdominal muscles and also reducing tension in your neck and back.

Lie on the floor with your feet in the air and your knees bent. Place your hands on your lower abdomen while your neck and spine are straight. Take a deep breath and rotate your knees to one side, and keep the opposite side on the floor to keep your hips resting.

Exhale and squeeze your abdominal muscles all the time as you return your legs to their starting position. Inhale again and repeat the movement by moving your legs to the opposite side. Finally, exhale and squeeze your abdominal muscles and return your legs to the starting position.

During Pilates, each instructor notes the importance of learning how to stick properly. So try to stand upright with your legs apart and looking forward. Keep your knees in a comfortable position at all times.

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