Pilates leg exercises

Pilates leg strengthening exercises are of the utmost importance for beautiful, elongated and spindle muscles. These three series of leg exercises were conceived by Mr Pilates as a training exercise for dancers. These are workouts that help strengthen the legs. If you want to work on shaping your legs, discover the best Pilates leg exercises.

In all Pilates exercises, it is important that the center of the body - the abdomen, is well tightened and that the workout is done from that part. This will give you body balance as well as the requirement to do the exercise properly. The shoulders should be relaxed and the shoulder blades as far away from the ears as possible.

Pilates leg exercises

These Pilates leg strengthening exercises are divided into 3 series with each leg.

1. Exercise

To begin, lie on your left flank. The left foot is static on the floor at a 45-degree angle. Lift your right leg from your left leg and work two jerks forward, return to the starting position and also two jerks back. Make sure your body is firm and does not move when you go forward. As you move your leg backwards, it is normal for you to feel the pelvic floor and then it is correct that the body is not completely still. Repeat all 8 times.

Exercise 2

In the second exercise, your left leg is still on the floor at a 45-degree angle, while your right leg is high in the air. Try to lift your leg as fast as you can with two jerks and make it as easy as possible to lower it, ie attach it to the lower left leg. It is important that the leg is lowered slowly to activate all the leg muscles as much as possible. In Pilates, it is essential that no movement is performed without the control and power of the mind and body. Repeat also 8 times.

Exercise 3

In the last series of exercises on the left flank, we are still in the same position with our left foot laid flat at a 45-degree angle. Now we do circles with right leg raised. We take our right leg away from our left leg and cycle gently five to ten times. For starters, we rotate clockwise and repeat all the way in a clockwise direction.

When we have done the exercise with one right foot on the left side, we turn around and repeat everything on the other side.

These exercises will help you get rid of cellulite and will relieve pain in your legs and joints. Watch the video at the end to make it easier to do the exercises you want.

Author: M.L., Photo: Nuzza / Shutterstock

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