Postira, the birthplace of Vladimir Nazor

Brac is the third largest Croatian island. If you arrive by ferry, you will land in Supetar, the largest and only Brac city settlement. On the island itself is the Kopačina Cave, which suggests that the island was inhabited in prehistoric times. If you start from Supetar on the north side of Brac along the coast, you will find many interesting places. Don't miss a stop at Postira.

Postira is a small and picturesque village full of cultivated vineyards and filled with centuries-old olive trees. It is not difficult to guess what were the main sources of income in the past. But wine and olive oil are not the only things Postira boasts about. As you descend to the harbor you will see many fishing boats that are still used by the inhabitants today and catch fish in the rich Adriatic Sea.

Although fishing and wine and oil production dominated the economy of the place, it also gave us one of Croatia's greatest writers. This settlement is the birthplace of the great Vladimir Nazor. How can we forget Croatian literary pearls like the work of Veli Jože.

So, if you find yourself in the poster, just follow the labels that will lead you to the birthplace of a great writer and politician. It is a beautiful and large Renaissance palace built of stone. The parish church of St. John the Baptist is dominant in the grounds of the site and you can reach it only by following the bell tower, which stands out above all other roofs.

Here is also Lovrečina bay. It's a little further away and you'll have to head in the direction of the Arrow. If you decide to take a walk it could be a long walk so we recommend you hop in the car. Here you will be greeted by a beautiful sandy beach where you can refresh for a moment before you start sightseeing the remains of a Roman-era villa or early Christian basilica located behind the beach.

So if your trip to Brac makes you visit this picturesque place, go pay tribute to Vladimir Nazor and see the historical clues that this small town will honor you. Have a nice trip!

Author: L.K. Photo credit: Beemwej / Wikimedia