Pregnancy preparation

Before conception, a three-month health plan is recommended before attempting to have a baby. This will improve fertility and make pregnancy, childbirth and child healthier.

A three-month pre-conception body care plan is good to look at your lifestyle from all perspectives. Make sense of your diet (including its supplements), how much you exercise, what environment you live in and how much stress you are exposed to.

Good body care before conception will not only help you become pregnant easily and keep your baby healthy. This plan will also allow you to determine your child's life in the future and make him or her a healthy adult, as research shows that the condition and events of conception and pregnancy may reduce or increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes and in the later life of the child age.

Step one of the plan: Eat healthy

A healthy diet is perhaps the most important factor affecting the possibility of conception and your child's health. We are not talking about dieting (weight loss), but a healthy diet that will bring in useful nutrients into your body to help you maintain your blood sugar and reach normal weight, which is very important for optimizing fertility hormone levels.

Step 2: Regulate your body weight

A certain amount of body fat is required to maintain a monthly cycle. If the amount of fat drops below that level and if you lose too much weight, your hormonal balance will be disturbed and you will stop ovulating. Also, excess weight can adversely affect ovulation because excess fat causes an imbalance in the amount of sex hormones.

Step Three: Be healthy and fit

In order to get the best fit you and your partner need to exercise regularly, at least thirty minutes a day. Regular exercise restores hormonal balance, which increases fertility.

Step Four: Reduce Stress

Continuous stress increases the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body. To produce cortisol, the body uses progesterone, the effects of which would otherwise be reflected in an increase in fertility. Stress is also thought to interfere with the proper functioning of the hypothalamus in the brain, which stimulates the pituitary gland to produce fertility hormones.

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