Punk fashion

Throughout history, we may have noticed several hundred different fashion trends, and they are growing day by day. Each is special in its own way, some still last, while others have left us. The things they all have in common are a clear reflection of life's attitudes through clothing, styles and behavior.

Punk fashion is certainly one of the more notable fashion trends that still finds different ways to come to light today. Almost every outfit combines some punk fashion detail. Some find him exaggerated, some adore him, but nonetheless, we have to agree that punk is still not dead.

This fashion style has influenced many generations, and they later passed it on. So today we can see various fashion combinations with punk pieces and other fashion styles. It brings together and merges all life trends, recorded throughout history to this day. The fashion aesthetic of today still contains large quantities of punk motifs, although its peak was in the 1960s and 1970s.

In the very beginning, punk was associated with rebellion, resentment, the desire for change and violence. At that time it represented only style, but soon afterwards it became a distinct culture.

The elements and features of punk as a fashion trend are evident in leather patterns, military details, torn socks, high platforms, tattoos and the like. Today we find them almost all over the world. Punk is known for experimenting, trying out something new and special, so it's no wonder he continues to cause controversy and disbelief wherever he appears.

This summer, the most popular fashion punk details are certainly rivets, and they appear in almost every outfit. From T-shirts, pants, handbags all the way to high-heeled shoes. An interesting touch of elegance, sensuality and rebellion that is back in this season. If you choose to add punk detail to your outfit, you will not regret it. You will be stylish, stylish and look more than good.

Author: D.Š. Photo by Mayer George / Shutterstock

Punk Fashion & Beauty Around The World | Allure (January 2021)