Removing temperature in children

When your baby gets a high temperature, you should not be relaxed and take risks, but it is also not good to panic. Below are some tips to help you get your baby's fever low. With these natural methods, you will help your child feel better and you will also be calmer.

But remember, if you have a baby under the age of three months, be sure to contact your doctor immediately without trying any method of temperature reduction!

What is important to know at high temperature

- small babies up to 3 months old should be taken to a doctor immediately

- children over 3 months of age should be monitored, their temperature removed, and if the fever persists after 3 days, be sure to tell your doctor

- if the child has a temperature higher than 39°C should contact the doctor immediately

How To Take The Temperature Off

- put your child to bathe in water heated to 33°

- Wrap the baby in a damp towel, around which you still wrap a dry hand

- shower your child with warm and cold water (do not do this too often to avoid shocking the child)

- cut the raw potatoes in half, then place each half on your bare foot and wrap it with gauze

- soak the gauze with plain oil and place it on the baby's chest

Make sure you tell your doctor

- if a child under 3 months of age has a rectal temperature higher than 39.5°C

- if you think your child needs medical attention

- if a child aged 3-6m has a temperature higher than 39°C, more than 3 days

- if you can't take the temperature down

- if the child has diarrhea and vomits

- if a rash has appeared with the temperature

- if seizures occur with fever

- the child is dehydrated (crying without tears, no wet diaper, dry mouth and mucous membrane)

If none of the natural methods help to lower the temperature, be sure to give your child a medicine containing paracetamol and contact your doctor. Remember that ASPIRIN and ANDOL should not be given to children under 12!

Author: A.Z., Photo: Tinna / Shutterstock

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