Retro takes us into the 70's

And this season we were not surprised by the new creations that came from the best fashion houses. Specifically, this year, the world's leading designers, including ours, decided to return to the old fashion when wearing slightly different creations. It should be simply acknowledged that retro has become compulsory and that it simply cannot be done without it. This time it is about the glorious 1970s, the years of the children of flowers, relaxation and mixing of social life with political turmoil.

With the exception of the political situation from that time, the most beautiful remains, and these are various creations that still sigh today. As this is the 21st century, so the creators have decided to make small changes to all models that need to remind us of past times.

The jeans fit first. First of all, this is a high-waisted trousers that aims to create a visual elongation for each person wearing them. In addition to the high waist, one should not forget the slight spread of the pants at the very end.

This trapeze used to be really noticeable, but today it is only a bell-shaped sign. It's just enough to say that these aren't straight-pants. As much as some people think negatively about trapeze, the fact is that there are many who still wear it because it suits them well.

The tunic models are perhaps most reminiscent of times gone by. These are cuts narrower in the chest area with a slight extension towards the waist. It's no stranger to how the Hippy group has always loved the sense of freedom and unrest. The tunics come in a variety of colors. Merry colors with flowery patterns are the most prominent.

Flowers are a must-have detail and don't even think of a retro look from the 70's without it. As said a little earlier, the happier the better. Flowers take over the main word, both on tunics and on various dresses. The dresses are tailored so that they slide down slightly. The important thing is that they are made of lightweight materials.

Without platforms, don't even think about going outside. They are a kind of manifestation of former trends 30 years ago. Whether summer or winter, platforms are a must-have. One pair in the closet and you will not go wrong.

Author: S.Š. Photo by Halay Alex / Shutterstock

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