Samobor highlands and almost untouched nature

In the vicinity of Zagreb there is a beautiful nature with a beautiful gem that somehow gravitates to it, namely Samobor. A city that everyone will agree on as if it were a long time ago, one that simply does not care about the present and all that it carries. Therefore, this beautiful highland is named after the town of Samobor.

Its specialty is mostly due to its preserved nature, richness of forests, meadows and pastures, mountain peaks, springs and streams, caves and the best archeological and sacred sites.

In addition to nature in the Samobor Mountains, you can visit some of the sights that will simply delight you, such as:

  • The parish church of st. Leonard and the monastery in Kotari, where you will be able to notice the church above the rock where Count Peter Erdody built the votive chapel of St. Leonard.
  • The parish church of st. Barbara in Rude, built by the Miners for their own purposes. It's about simple construction.
  • Church of St. Elijah on St. Gerry, one of the oldest Greek-Catholic churches in Croatia, was built at the time of the first settling in the Žumberak.
  • The old town of Lipovec, located at 582 m in height, was built in 1251 by Ivan Okićki.
  • Budinjak, a necropolis of burial mounds whose most attractive findings are two bronze helmets, found in princely graves.
  • Brothers, the burial ground of the Romanized Celtic tribe Latobik, where 34 burning graves were built of stone slabs.

If you decide to come, we can recommend some of the routes you can take. One of them is the Samobor Bypass, which has 17 control points from the Samobor Museum to Tuščak.

  • The Samobor Scout Road covers lesser known parts of the Samobor Highlands, but no less interesting is the eastern part of Žumberak. It has 13 checkpoints. It is estimated that it can be visited in two days.
  • Queen Beech Road on the Prak of Nature at 12 hours walk from the Salt Valley.
  • All of you who are more fans of more active holidays, we can recommend cycling routes for you to navigate, which are:
  • The fairway, which is located on the Grdanjci - Medven Draga route,
  • Waterfall trail that covers Medven Draga - Grdanjci area,
  • The bat path related to the Samobor - Koretici - Samobor route,
  • The trail of Saint Gera covers the Old Town of Ozalj - Sošice.

If you happen to get hungry, we recommend a visit to the Eco Village located in Baćina draga, then the former Saint Bernard Forest House located in Veliki Lovnik.

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