Sewing accessories

Can you imagine having no sewing thread in the house? This is a little more difficult since its application has been an integral part of everyday life for a long time. It is not uncommon for a button to be cut off or material to be dissolved in a particular location. Just so you do not have to run to the seamstress for every little thing, it is good to have basic sewing knowledge and all the necessary equipment.

It is no stranger to how there are several types of sewing thread, depending on what needs protection. There is a thread for sewing clothes and even a thread used in surgery when it is necessary to sew a wound as a result of an accident.

The thread comes in different colors, and your choice will depend on what your button color is. If you happen to have no stock in the house, it is a good idea to know a few useful information. Before you buy, think about how much you really need.

If you feel that you are prone to accidents and that you need thread more often then you will opt for handy packs of several rolls in different colors. Feel free to pick with the thread and anything else you might need like a thimble.

However, safety is paramount. In addition to the thimble, it is also good to have a meter that is crucial when it comes to sewing a T-shirt, dress, tailoring. If you are not sure, it is best left to the experts.

Now you have everything you need, but do you know how to sew a button? It's no wisdom, and just a little patience is enough. Take a thinner needle because you do not want the holes to be too big and visible. Thread the thread through the needle and pull it to a maximum length of 20 cm.

Tie the knot at the end and if necessary repeat the action several times until you are sure that the knot is tight enough. Take your pants and where it used to be a button start sewing just be careful not to destroy the material.

Take the button and this time, push the needle through it. Repeat the operation several times until you are sure that you are fastened securely. Finally, tie the thread again so that the button does not fall out.

Author: S.Š. Photo: Matka_Wariatka / Shutterstock

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