Shelf life of cosmetics

Expired cosmetics do nothing positive and you should throw them away. But many women and girls have supplies of cosmetics that have expired because they are sorry to throw it away. The cosmetics you store just in case can only destroy your face skin, cause infection or cause allergies.

What many women do not know is that cosmetics that have expired, although it looks the same when applied to the face, it does not give the same effect as when it is new. The blush can appear darker on the face, after a few hours the powder can peel off the face, and the eyeshadow drops as if we didn't even apply it.

It is important to pay attention to expiration dates as well because bacteria and toxins can develop in cosmetics that when applied to the face enter the bloodstream and do us harm. The product of this will be allergic reactions, irritations, acne and other complications that can cause damage to your face that you will repair for years after you throw away any cosmetics that have expired.

Not infections are possible only on the face, you can also get eye infections like conjunctivitis, barley and others. Mascara and eye pencils should be carefully checked and made sure that they are always new and fresh because they are the closest to the eye.

Now that you know what might happen to you if you have expired cosmetics, take note of what makeup you purchased and make sure you throw it away as soon as it expires. That is why we are bringing you timelines.

The mascara lasts for three months, it is an indicative term and of course nothing will happen the day after the expiration of the three months period, but the frequent use of the expired mascara increases your chances of infection. The eye pencil lasts the same. Although protected by either a plastic or wooden sheath, the mixture inside has its own shelf life and should be respected. Regularly sharpen the pencils because there is always some mucus left on the pencil and bacteria can develop on the pencil, which you then bring into the eye.

You can use lipsticks for up to two years to the maximum, and lipsticks and lipsticks that you carry with you and expose them to a variety of conditions such as heat and cold and never twist the bag in your bag for up to eighteen months. You can use liquid powder for six to twelve months, while you can use stone powder, blinds and other dry preparations for up to two years.

Author: J.S., Photo: Subbotina Anna / Shutterstock

Cosmetic expiry date - shelf life - stability testing (October 2020)