Sleeping by an open window

They say that for people with asthma, it's best to throw a brick in the bedroom window and not fix it. That is, it is best to always sleep with the window open. In addition, asthma will also prevent regular pillow changes. These two will help relieve asthma more than any other medication. Experts believe that in most cases, asthma affects mites and their feces.

Up to 2000 people die every year from the serious effects of asthma, and diseases are becoming more common. This disease occurs in low altitude areas, temperate climates and maritime countries. In cold areas and altitudes, mites fail because there is not enough humidity for them. That is why for children suffering from asthma, recovery in the Alps is ideal.

We know that dust is also the cause of asthmatic attacks, but research has shown that not all dust causes allergies. In the dust we have at home live mites, and asthmatic attacks are caused by their droppings. This feces contains allergens in their proteins, and they cause asthmatic attacks.

For the development of mites in the apartment is suitable for central heating, wall and floor coverings and double glazing. In addition, the humidity level of mankind has been greatly increased. Previously, almost every room had a hole or a chimney, and now we have closed all the holes and minimized the ventilation of the home.

The most humid place to develop mites in a home is the bed we sleep on. With sweat, we extract almost a liter of fluid through our sleep, where we exhale moist air on our pillows. There are about 2000 mites in one pillow, and each mite produces about 20 balls of feces per day.

On a six-year-old pillow, one-tenth of the weight consists of mold, human skin, live and dead mites and their faeces. So it's no wonder when a child rests his head on a pillow so that he is troubled by breathing problems. Come to think of it, the hygiene of our bed is really bad. Most people do not wash the pillow at any time from the moment of purchase until it is thrown.

Therefore, ventilate rooms, beds and pillows to reduce the number of dust-worshiping mites.

Author: S.G., Photo: wavebreakmedia ltd / Shutterstock

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