Small and short tips for nicer skin

There are beauty tips and a youthful look every step of the way. But to avoid losing your way to the most beautiful skin, we bring you tips that will result in more beautiful skin. To keep your skin beautiful, nourished and healthy, it doesn't take much effort or high financial costs. Just take care of daily skin cleansing and apply day and night face cream. This is the basis of face care at home that we should never skip.

Facial skin cleansing

All beauticians always repeat that care should be taken to clean their face. If you put a moisturizer on a semi-cleansed face, you will not do anything good for the face. The consequences of poor or not frequent cleansing of the facial skin are the appearance of wrinkles, dry facial skin and gray and tired skin that loses its glow.

Exfoliation of the face

It is important to do a face scrub every week. It will remove dead skin cells and prevent the appearance of clogged pores. Choose a face scrub according to your skin type. Avoid exfoliating too often, as this may damage the protective surface layer of the skin.

Anti-wrinkle preparations

When using anti-wrinkle cosmetics, choose those that contain vitamin C, retinol, hyaluronic acid and other acids such as niacinamide, peptides and other acids. Natural ingredients such as lavender, grapes, oats and others are also desirable. If you choose a wrinkle cream or eye cream, choose the latter because the eye area requires special care. The skin around the eyes is thin and is often further damaged by facial mimics and makeup removal.

Facial skin type

Serum with a protective factor is a good choice for eye care. At night, choose a rich cream with ingredients that can only be applied at night, and choose all skin care products according to your skin type. With age and climate change, the condition of the skin changes, so change creams as needed. It often happens that over the years, oily facial skin turns to dry skin. First of all, you will see this by peeling and tightening the face. And some weather conditions, such as wind and cold, can lead to dry skin.

When choosing makeup, give preference to a mineral powder that you can easily apply to your face several times a day. It does not harm the skin and will give it a youthful and nourishing appearance.

Author: M.L., Photo: CandyBox Images / Shutterstock

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