Sore throat

Throat pain can be the result of bacteria, dust, pollen and viruses. Ingestion may cause swallowing problems and the throat may be red. Usually these are symptoms that do not last long, unless the disease is caused by a bacterium or virus, then it is a sore throat.

Treatment of sore throat

Sore throat is one of the symptoms of flu, mononucleosis or laryngitis. There are various treatment methods that can help. One involves analgesics that do not heal but help reduce pain.

You can also use herbal lozenges from medicines that can be obtained at every pharmacy. These will help keep your throat moist and you can squat during the day as it will help activate the mucous membrane. Pastilles made of honey, eucalyptus and mint are advised.

The second method involves dietary supplements, most of which act as a natural antibiotic for sore throats, while others seek to boost immunity.

It has repeatedly been shown how useful natural remedies are for treating a number of ailments. Also, if sore throats occur, you will be able to relieve them and eventually cure them with a medicinal drink.

Take the blackberries, grind them and keep them in hot water for a few minutes, then add some milk and drink. Throwing 2 to 3 drops of eucalyptus, lemon or cedar oil will also help. You can also try a mixture of warm water and one small tablespoon of salt. Swallow this solution at least 4 to 5 times a day.

Calcium, a mineral that boosts leukocyte resistance, has an effect on capillary permeability and anti-inflammatory, should also be added to the list of natural remedies.

When it comes to natural antibiotics, garlic is also on the list, one of the best medicine for sore throat. If you want to get a sore throat as soon as possible, the best dose is a maximum of three garlic per day.

Natural remedies should not forget about:

  • Oregano - A natural antiseptic that will help with sore throat.
  • Propolis - Known for its antibiotic effect, it is most effective when applied directly to the throat mucosa.
  • Honey - not only calms mucous membranes but also helps to relieve cough. It is best combined with warm drinks.
  • Sage - An effective remedy for sore throat as well as other infections in the oral cavity. Take the dried sage, place in 1.5 dl of hot water and remove after a few minutes. Sip tea and take care not to drink it.

How to prevent sore throat

There are measures that will prevent sore throat, so dietary changes should be introduced and garlic should be added to the menu thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. The menu must have as many vegetables, fruits and less alcohol, caffeine and refined carbohydrates as possible.

The diet should also consist of foods rich in folic acid as well as iron, zinc, magnesium and flavonoids.

During the winter months, make sure you are warm enough and you can treat yourself to boiled wine, but within normal limits.

To prevent sore throat and other similar ailments, it is a good idea to avoid rooms with lots of people and smoky places.

Remember to rinse your throat regularly with salty lukewarm water, as salt can attract dirt. Always brush your teeth while brushing as there is a large amount of bacteria on it.

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