Sour cabbage

If you want to increase the intake of healthy foods in your body, then start with the sauerkraut that was used by Europeans in the coastal area for food in prehistoric times. The ancient Egyptians did not know him, and he came to Greece only in the 4th century BC when he became a highly regarded food item. The Romans met him a little later, but they were among the first to discover the process of pickling by sprinkling cabbage heads with salt, pouring vinegar and then storing them in clay pots. Such a procedure has taken place today.

It is necessary to know that it is a source of vitamin C. Cabbage is the only natural food where man has been able to improve nature, that is, to increase its nutritional properties through the acidification process. Namely, through the process of acidifying the cabbage with fermentation, it produces an active cobalamin known as Vitamin B12, which is found only in foods of animal origin.

It is known to refresh the spirit and increase good mood, make the body resistant to stress, activate the metabolism of the brain and nerves, stimulate the exchange of iron in the blood. It also helps in the formation of red blood cells, stimulates cell function and is rejuvenating, enhances immunity and contributes to the repair of worn connective tissue. Cabbage is a really valuable food.

If you have decided to eat greens more often then you should know that when consuming you should definitely avoid foods that are also salty, because the greens are salty enough since they are high in sodium.

It is best to soak it before use, as this will lose a large amount of biological substances, so cooking in less than 20 minutes is recommended. It is recommended to eat raw cabbage as a salad, or to add to other dishes such as potatoes, rice, brandies, dough.

In addition to food, it is good to use it to make a beverage or brine that is very good for digestive tract problems and as a remedy to reduce swelling on the joints.

Brine is otherwise rich in Vitamin C, and it has been shown that fresh cabbage juice can successfully cure gastric ulcer and colon inflammation. Mixed with carrot and beet juice, it is a great drink for people with calcium deficiencies or in cases of bone fractures.

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How to Make Sauerkraut | P. Allen Smith Cooking Classics (May 2022)