Spinach sausages

A healthy and tasty spinach meal can be served as an appetizer or light dinner when your friends surprise you. The preparation is very simple, you just have to prepare all the ingredients in advance.

Bake the fried dough and cut into 4 pieces. Then mix the finely chopped cooked spinach with a little butter, egg yolks and sour cream, add salt, crumbs and snow, then coat the dough and wrap them. Put in a flat pan, then in the oven and when it has already got a nice brown color and when it is firmly baked, add sour cream mixed with egg yolks and serve immediately.

You can also make these rolls with ricotta cheese that is fresh and creamy and also low in calories. It goes well with spinach, but it spoils quickly so the rolls should be eaten within a day or two.

The dish is very tasty and will definitely go with a glass of white wine and hanging out with friends at any time of the year. If you like, you can also serve a mixed salad with acetate balsamic and olive oil to round out the whole story.

Chicken, spinach & feta sausages with Kenwood Premier Major KMM770 (May 2022)