Stoncica Bay, some other world

The island of Vis is known as an outlying Croatian island 45 km away from the mainland. Its beauties are known not only in Croatia but also more widely. Superb wines, beautiful vineyards, historic landmarks and marvelous bays are all part of the rich offer of this island. The island of Vis deserves special attention and a few days more so that we can get to know it a little better.

Departure from the port of Sv. St. George's Island marks the beginning of the journey to new and mysterious landscapes. The trip will be marked by the northern coast of the island, followed by a marvelous lighthouse that arouses the imagination of many and develops creativity greatly, so many have a tendency to think that they are in a special time direction.

The lighthouse was built during the reign of Austro-Hungary in the mid-19th century. It is a 28-meter-tall building with a high octagonal stone tower that rises at the end of an elongated promontory over a large ground-floor building, whose light is visible 30 miles away.

The location of the lighthouse is known by many to be called the Head of the Shell, because precisely because of this strategic position, there is no better way to alert ships than a large lighthouse, which in the night warns of various dangers.

Today, the lighthouse is automated and lighthouses change every month. If you find yourself near it, ask the lightman to let you go on top so they can enjoy the beautiful blue.

The lighthouse is in a cove of the same name. In addition to the lighthouse, there are several older houses, whose construction pattern was clearly the island's trademark. It can be anchored in all parts of the bay. Most boaters choose Stončica.

The end of the bay is shallow, so it is best to stay a hundred meters away at depths between 5 and 15 meters. The bottom is sandy, which is why many choose to swim in this part of the island.

Ever since the wide road to Stončica has been taken, there are more and more swimmers who relax here and enjoy the usual water activities such as picigins and volleyball. After the bath, each guest has the opportunity to taste home-cooked dishes such as grilled meat and skewers and whiskey kulen.

Author: S.Š. Photo by Lorenzo / Wikimedia

Bay Stiniva, Island Vis Croatia (December 2021)