Stuffed veal head

Cut the cleaned head from the underside and carefully separate the flesh and bones so that the skin is not damaged. Cut the black part at the eyes and sew them. Then prepare the stuffing of veal with fine herbs / vegetables, apply it to the skin, and put on it a chilled ragout of meat head, soft-boiled tongue, smoked beef tongue, "brizzle", mushrooms, and cover the ragout again with stuffing.

Now we sew the skin and give its head its natural shape, squeezing the bacon skin to where the neck is cut. Rub with lemon, wrap together with bacon in one napkin, and steam / shower with soup, wine and vegetables. When done, consider the napkin, place the stuffed head on a tray, garnish with peas, and serve it with a light sauce in a separate bowl.

Veal Parmesan Bigger Than Your Head (December 2021)