Summer jumpsuit

For a long time, overalls were just something worn by workers or pilots for convenience only. In the 60's Yves Saint Laurent noticed the fashion potential of this piece and the runways were flooded with the most diverse models of overalls. One of the last flashes of pop culture that the jumpsuit left in our memory is one neon yellow. Do you already know what this is about? Yes, Uma Thurman in the movie Kill Bill. Great cinematic costume revived the overalls.

However, in order not to properly attribute the merits of introducing overalls to fashion waters to Yves Saint Laurent, we must mention Florentine Thayat. Thanks to her, in 6 years the overalls will be able to extinguish a hundred candles on her cake. Why did the overalls last so long and why do we love them so much?

They are extremely practical clothing pieces because you are fully dressed in an instant. No more shattering your head in the morning with tousled hair and a cup of coffee in front of the closet. Just tuck it in and head carelessly into the day. They consist of two garments joined together. The upper part can be in any shape, from the complete absence of the straps to the long sleeves, and the lower part can be played with lengths from hot pants to completely long swaying socks.

We would recommend short overalls for everyday city walks, coffee with friends, barbecues in flower meadows, but you still want to wear the overalls for a festive occasion or in the business situation choose the ones with long socks, without pattern and from quality materials. Generally long jumpsuit will flatter a female figure and is suitable for a woman of any age, while the short one is reserved for younger girls.

There are many ways to have fun with your jumpsuit this summer. As the length of your socks and sleeves varies, look for treasure and find interesting specimens with dramatic interventions such as unusual collar, buckle or dramatic back cut. Combine these pieces with great jewelry especially if your choice is the jumpsuit that leaves your neck bare, whether it is a deep neckline or one without straps. Wear full-heeled sandals for festive occasions and roman or slippers and a large bag for everyday occasions.

Author: L.K., Photo: Zdenka Darula / Shutterstock

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