T-shirts with print

By now they may have already nested in your closets and in your hearts. Oh how much we love plain t-shirts with print! They seem so simple and yet so versatile. Usually these are cotton shirts that are extremely comfortable to wear and you will feel comfortable in them all day long. It is too hot for complications and plastics, so whenever you have the opportunity, choose the ones made of natural materials.

All you have to do is say good jeans, Roman sandals, put on a straw hat and a good T-shirt and you can go anywhere. Coffee with a friend, shopping, doing things around town, college, a movie theater with her dear or maybe even going to work if dress code in the workplace allows it.

Printed T-shirts have become extremely popular and are a great way to express affiliation with a particular subculture or to convey your own views without a single spoken word. They are also an echo of the collective culture and full momentum gained by the emergence of major pop, rock and metal bands. How many times have you only seen someone wearing a Metalica T-shirt? If you like this type of music too, this complete stranger is automatically dear to you because of a common interest.

Printed t-shirts can be serious and support some purpose, such as the fight against AIDS, or have a sign expressing your position on important issues: a great example would be a recycled t-shirt. But in most cases they are humorous and refer to something from pop culture.

Even if print shirts have been a bit forgotten lately as they have taken on floral patterns, pastel colors and lace, as is usually the case with every new thing that turns out to be good enough and interesting, it has branched out into all parts of culture and fashion. So the character from the Big Bang Theory series, everyone's favorite Sheldon Cooper, revived print shirts. In his repertoire we can find prints of various superheroes. Admit it, you totally want to drink coffee in the sun with a Batman sign on your chest. Enjoy fashion, have fun and take advantage of all the pitiful craziness she has to offer.

Author: L.K. Photo by mangostock / Shutterstock

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