The best rain jacket

What is the best rain jacket? To stay protected from wind and rain, a waterproof jacket is best. Whether it is a walk in the city or a trip to nature, it is important to have the best equipment with you, and this includes clothing that protects against all inclement weather.

The waterproof jacket is the best outfit for anyone planning to spend a lot of time outdoors and for those who love outdoor activities like camping. In order to keep the outdoor fun in the best memory it is good to know how to keep the jacket free from any damage.

What is the best rain jacket? Today's waterproof jigs are made from a breathable fabric that houses the special chemical "Durable Water Repellent" or DWR, and thanks to which the fabric is protected from the effects of water.

The said chemical provides protection in the form of microscopic spines so that water cannot reach the fabric. The more the jacket is worn, the flatter the spines, the DWR gets dirty and rain covers the fabric. As the outer layer of the fabric cools, sweat condenses on the inside so that you can feel damp.

If you want to rebuild the DWR, the jacket can be washed at 30 degrees with the help of a special detergent that can be obtained from an outdoor equipment store. It is important that no ordinary laundry powder be used to prevent the material from being destroyed. No softener or bleach should be placed in the washing machine.

After washing the jacket, it should be left to dry, and if there is a need to apply another coat of DWR, it can be obtained in the form of a spray in the outdoor and camping equipment store.

It will not be necessary to spray after each wash as the jacket will still be waterproof. It will be enough to spray once a year to preserve the material.

Staying in the natural will be more comfortable and worry-free, all thanks to a good fit, whether it is quality shoes or a jacket.

The trip should always be prepared so that it can respond on time and when it comes to unforeseen situations.

Before buying, you should inquire about all possible jacket models and choose the one that will be in your price range.

Author: S.Š., Photo: St. Mattox / free images

Best Rain Jackets (May 2022)