The Jungle Book

Once upon a time, a special event took place in the jungle forest. Specifically, Bagheera's black panther was fishing by the river when she accidentally spotted a broken boat and a small baby. She did him no harm but took him to take care of him. She took the gentle child and headed further into the woods to find his home. When she reached the cave where the wolf's family lived, she saw a warm home. In the den, the wolf mom gently licked her cubs while the other cubs played alongside. She figured this could be a good new home for a toddler, so she left it in front of the cave. She hid among the forest vegetation to see what would happen. She was overjoyed to see the wolves accept the baby.

The wolf mom loved the boy who was growing bigger every day. She called him Mowgli meaning Frog. The wolves loved him too, and Bagheera was overjoyed to find him a good home. But she knew that Mowgli would one day have to return to her real human family.

Many years have passed since one day, the leader of the wolf pack Akel convened a gathering of wolves on the Rock for council. He informs his wolf brothers that tiger Shere Khan has returned to their area because he wants to catch little Mowgli. They concluded that they could do nothing, as long as Mowgli was among them, no wolf would be safe. Bagheera added that he knew a village where Mowgli could be safe because a tiger would be hard to find there.

The Panther immediately decided to take Mowgli to her new home. She was chasing the jungle, with an angry Mowgli on her back. He didn't understand why he had to leave because, he said, of a tiger he could turn his tail on. Panther laughed at that and said she might be able to do it someday, but not really now.

Night fell and Bagheera and Mowgli had to stop in order to rest. They decided it would be on a tree branch. When the panther fell asleep, a formidable green Kaa snake formed next to Mowgli. She hypnotized the boy in an instant to make it easier to eat. But at the last moment, the panther woke up and rescued Mowgli.

Then there was the song of elephants entering the jungle. Mowgli found it amusing, so he jumped up from the tree to join them. But he got confused and rammed into the colonel's son. Strict Hathi didn't like it. He took the little Mowgli's surl and asked him where it had come from. Then Bagheera jumped from the tree and explained to the elephant how the little one was just leading among the people. When he heard this, Mowgli became angry again and said he did not want to go. He turned and disappeared into the woods. He was soon lost, but luckily he came across a familiar face, the bear Baloo. But the boy was in a bad mood and told the bear that he was doing well on his own. Baloo just laughed at it and decided to show him how he would survive in the jungle without his mother.

Soon he had mastered everything, and it was his turn to swim. He was lying on the back of Baloo swimming when a paw suddenly dragged him to a tree. Mowgli was terrified, shouted at the monkeys to leave him alone, but the monkeys jumped trees and soon took their prey to the Monkey City where they handed him over to King Louis. The king always wanted to have his little man.

During that time, the Bear Baloo and the Panther Bagheer had figured out how to approach Mowgli. Baloo changed into a monkey dancer, and when Louis saw him he was delighted. He ordered the orchestra to play. Everyone was dancing, and the panther was lurking from the trappings when the opportunity to release Mowgli would arise. But then, Baloou dropped her skirt and everyone realized that the monkey dancer was actually a bear. Then a real panic ensued. Baloo held Mowgli with one hand, Louis with the other, and they so tightened him that Mowgli thought he would rip his arms out. Bagheera growled from the sidelines. great noise and chaos ensued and the whole city shook with shouts.

A huge noise began to demolish the Monkey City which Baloo, Bagheera and Mowgli used to escape. The monkeys scattered around the trees, and soon the city was demolished to its foundations.

When they went a little farther into the woods for safety, Mowgli fell asleep under a tree. During this time, Bagheera and Baloo talked about escorting Mowgli to the village the next day. And Baloo now saw that it was too dangerous for the boy to live here. Meanwhile, Mowgli woke up and heard their every word. He decided to slowly sneak away and escape.

But Mowgli did not know that his tracks were followed by the evil tiger Shere Khan. He roamed the bushes and fantasized about his prey.

Soon everyone found out that the boy had disappeared and they went in search of him. And Mowgli was already in the arms of the Kaa snake. And just as Kaa was about to eat Mowgli, Shere Khan came by the tree and heard a snake's voice.He pulled the snake's tail down to see what it had, and Kaa dropped Mowgli, who had escaped from the other side of the tree, descending on the liana. He ran as fast as he could, trying not to leave any trace as his mom dragged him. He escaped with water, hiding tracks, jumping trees and finding himself on some deserted land. Soon he was surrounded by vultures who took pity on him and decided to help him. But tiger Shere Khan soon appeared and the vultures were gone. There was no one to help the boy, but he did not run. He decided to confront the big tiger. This was ridiculous to the tiger, and he was increasingly approaching it to attack him. But then Baloo appeared, pulling the tiger by its tail, and the vultures grabbed the boy by the arms and lifted him into the air so that the tiger could not catch him.

Then the sky clouded and began to thunder. Thunder hit a tree and set it on fire. And the only thing the tiger feared was the fire. The boy ordered the vultures to release him to help Baloo, who fought the tiger. He took the burning branch and headed for them. Now the tiger no longer saw the little scared boy, but the man carrying the burning torch.

Mowgli approached Shere Khan and struck him on the muzzle with a torch. Tigra was very scared and decided to run away into the woods. Eventually, Mowgli burned him with a torch on his tail. It was raining and Baloo lay motionless. Mowgli was trying to wake him up, and when he failed, he started crying a lot. This woke Baloo, and Mowgli could not come to his fortune that his beloved bear was alive. He kissed and hugged him, and Baloo laughed, telling him he just had to rest for a while.

The next day, the friends were resting, and then they headed again to the village. On the river bank, they encountered a beautiful girl, and Baloo advised Mowgli not to approach her because there were always some problems with girls. But Mowgli did not listen to him and approached the girl to help her pour water into the jug. The very next moment, they were entering the village, and Mowgli waved to his friends, Baloou and Bagheera. The panther greeted him and told him never to forget them, and Baloo hid a tear when he watched Mowgli last leave for the village. But Baloo and Bagheera were soon awaited by a new adventure in the jungle that they were heading to…

Illustration by Sanja Rogosic

Trippie Redd - The Jungle Book (Visualizer) ft. Lil Wop (May 2022)