The plaid shirt is back

The plaid shirt is back! Some will wonder, did a plaid shirt ever go out of fashion? The premise is that she never really retired from the fashion scene. Checkered shirts, although most believe they originated in the Wild West and the cowboys, actually have their roots in the British Isles. So it first began to be worn in Wales in the 16th century, and later due to its quality and warmth in the 17th and 18th centuries it became a practical hit among seafarers and construction workers. So, in fact, a plaid shirt crossed the Atlantic and came to America, then became a symbol of the cowboy and the Wild West.

There are a lot of checkered shirts, and here you can think of the models you can see in stores. When you buy it, think about how you will wear it. There are several ways and tips. It can be worn to the throat as a more serious business variant, or casually over jeans.

When you decide on a bell-shaped plaid shirt, it is recommended that you wear it with dark jeans, ballerinas or boots, which is a casual style that is usually worn when you go out to meet a friend for coffee.

The checkered shirts with lace fronts are perfect for going out and go perfectly with tight and light jeans. It should be noted that more and more bell-shaped skirts with a quilted motif are also worn.

You can't go wrong with a plaid shirt, but you need to know how to blend it with other clothing accessories. A little tip if you decide on a plaid shirt and want to wear trousers instead of a skirt; perfect choice.

Make sure that these pants are monochrome because you do not want to give the impression that you have put too much on yourself and that you give people around you a headache. You know the saying ... "Less is more." You want a plaid shirt to come to the fore.

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