The plaid shirt is back in fashion

How something as simple as stripes placed at right angles became so beautiful and mesmerizing. We love our checkered pattern. It may sound like it's reserved for cold winter evenings or Christmas lunches, but it's not. Perhaps the reason we are so won over is his long history.

The first clues to tell about the appearance of a checkered pattern are from a mummy 3000 years old. This person and his plaid fabric have forever remained frozen in time in the vast expanses of China and remind us of how it all began.

In fashion spheres we are curiously guided by the Burberry route, but this is not the only fashion station where tartan has landed. In addition to adorning these beautiful, quality and timeless coats and balloons, it is also a pattern that is extremely powerful. Although it is not strange that he strayed here and there to pieces by various fashion designers, there are those who have devoted a bit more to his oeuvre.

The lush history of the tartan pattern filled it with many meanings, and so caught the attention of the fashion story that Vivienne Westwood told us in such a convoluted way. In the 1970s, young people decided that they had had a lot of repression of the system, and after the energy of the summer of love subsided, numerous subcultural lifestyles began to form, including punk, within which a checkered pattern could be placed quietly.

And so career-wise, it simply becomes part of the fashion collective unconscious and mutates over time. Although we like to wear a classic plaid shirt, it is not suitable for the summer months. For these temperature recorders, this is why unusual tartans in pastel colors are printed on light and breathable fabrics.

We especially love the pastel pink, orange and white combinations. For a slightly more refined and classic style, we recommend choosing a beige and blue plaid pattern on your shirt. She will look great on short white shorts and sandals with a full heel. If you add a straw hat, you just become overwhelming. You hit the fashion jackpot. So don't be afraid to play with them and enjoy the summer.

Author: L.K., Photo: michaeljung / Shutterstock

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