The tricks that will make you look good this summer

For many people, summer is one of the best seasons. The sun is shining, everyone is happy, they put on lighter clothes, the complexion is tanned and everything seems perfect. In this article, we will give you some tips to help you feel and look even better this summer.

The first trick and not a trick is a long-known thing. During the summer months, drink large quantities of liquid, especially water or fresh natural juices. It is very important for the whole organism, especially for the skin, to be constantly moisturized, especially since the signs of dehydration are hardly noticeable. To avoid sunburn, dehydration and headaches, always carry a bottle of water with you.

Avoid strong sun and try not to get sunburn. Many people will ignore this warning and sunbathe in the strongest midday sun without adequate protection. The result will often be burns on your body that are very unpleasant but also unhealthy.

Many believe that the surface layer of the skin can be restored very quickly, this is true, but sunburn can lead to much greater complications and even skin cancer. Remember that every year more and more people suffer from skin cancer.

In accordance with the previous advice, we advise you to use adequate sun protection. There are two basic variants of sunscreens. The first form is creams that contain the chemical ingredients that your skin absorbs, while the second version is creams that, when applied to your skin, leave traces of metal like zinc on the surface of your skin.

Creams that leave a layer of metal are much better for protection, although they are not as appealing as it is a layer that remains visible. It's also important to note that after sunbathing, you use creams and lotions that will restore your skin's glow and elasticity.

Eat enough! Many people get hungry during the summer because they think it's the perfect time of year to pull off some pounds. During the summer months you even need to increase your food intake because your energy is consumed faster than during colder weather. We recommend that you consume fresh and light foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Daily morning exercise is a great way to stay fit and show off your beach attributes. Opt for the morning version while you are still fresh and the sun is too strong. These exercises will stimulate your circulation and your body will be ready to face another hot and dry day.

Author: M.T., Photo: Ersler Dmitry / Shutterstock

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