Thick and lush hair

Waking up in the morning and drowsily wandering to the bathroom and gathering all the emotional and mental strength to open your eyes to the end and unscrew the tap. You splash on the water and suddenly feel the system start lifting in your head. You look in the mirror and you see hair that has split into a well-known nest of all of us.

For a while, you try to repair the damage, but in the end you conclude that you will either have to give up and tie your tail or you will have to wash your hair. You do wash your hair though and it looks great for the first few hours. Lush and great lures sighs. But you are only at the beginning of her day when she begins to cancel obedience.

Until a moment ago, the lush strands that were seductively tickling your shoulders are now falling lifeless and hanging. This is a problem for many women. Although mane is a male symbol in the animal kingdom, thick and shiny hair is very desirable for a woman today. Hair is one of the essential elements that men notice about a woman. Lush curls or shiny waterfalls suggest youth and fertility.

So when your hair is full of life unconscious and people interpret you equally. Although nature may not have given you lush hair, you can certainly achieve it with small hairdressing tricks. We won't tell anyone unless you do! So there are steps you can take very easily to achieve the mane you desire.

The first step is to choose the right hairstyle. So if you have thin hair the longer it will be heavier and will stick closer to the scalp. To get rid of the unnecessary burden in the hair salon, choose a shorter hairstyle next time, or maybe even one like Audrey Hepburn.

Does your hair need a little life? Why not do it with strands. They will give the shine and illusion of depth to one-dimensional and monotonous hair color. There are several options for drying. You can dry your hair tilted down or dry it by pulling your hair away from the roots with a large, round brush. It would be best to combine both methods. Do not overdo it with hair products to achieve the opposite effect. Just a little polish when you're done with your hair dryer will be enough. We wish you beautiful, shiny and thick hair every day.

Author: L.K. Photo by puhhha / Shutterstock

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