Tight butt exercises

A firm and lifted butt is no problem to have, especially if you are exercising appropriately. Below, we bring you what exercises you need to practice to have the dream butt that every woman wants to have.

You only need three minutes a day and only three exercises to have the butt you dream of. There are no excuses for three minutes, because everyone can find time for it, so it is best to get to work today.

In the first exercise, you should stand by the back of the chair and rest your hands on the back of the chair. Now shift your body weight to your left foot, take a deep breath, and exhale with your right foot behind you. Extend your right leg as far as you can, but be careful not to bend your back during this action. Stay in this position for 2 seconds, then lower your leg to the starting position with a deep sigh. Repeat the exercise for half a minute. When done with the right side, repeat the same exercise with the left leg, holding it tight for 30 seconds.

In the second exercise, stand still behind the chair, with your left hand resting on your backrest, with your feet flat on your hips. Now transfer the body weight to your left leg. When exhaling, lift your right leg to the side, up to the height you can lift your leg. Hold the leg in this position for two seconds and lower it to its initial position when inhaled. Repeat the exercise for half a minute, then repeat the same with your left foot.

Your butt will be best shaped by squats, it's just very important that you perform them properly. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart so they are slightly apart. Walk slowly down to the floor, as if you want to sit down. Get down to the floor as much as you can, but be careful not to lift your heels off the floor during this exercise. Also make sure that your knees do not cross the line above your toes. Keep your back straight when performing squats, and look forward.

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