Tips and secrets for eternal love and happiness

If you spend a lot of time with your partner but your get-togethers are mostly in bed, chances are that your relationship will not last. So, replace the everyday fun in the bedroom with a conversation. It doesn't matter if you exchange opinions at lunch, in front of the TV or in third place, but spend half an hour a day for yourself and your better half. If your daily appointments do not allow it, then plan a weekend for two at least once a month.

Praise him

Men, as well as gentler women, like to receive compliments. Therefore, don't be hard pressed to praise him in any situation when he does something you like. Words of praise are always welcome because they lift your spirits.

Don't be distracted

You may have neglected your parents as a kid when they weren't allowed to, but in a different way, things work differently. Rather, explain to your partner what is bothering you and try to resolve the issue by talking. To avoid conflicts, it should not be difficult for you to relent when you are wrong.

Don't choke it

Although you've been living together for a long time, each of you sometimes needs time to spend separately. It does not matter at all whether you will be in the company of your parents, friends, some third party or yourself. It is important that you do not bother each other with calls and messages during this time.

Ignore the little things

After a while, women begin to get annoyed with some negligible trifles that we generally don't notice until we start living with our better half. For the relationship to work perfectly, accept all of your partner's flaws or explain in a nice way what he or she should change.

Awaken the passion

It is quite normal for sex to become dull after some time, but as soon as you notice such a development, try to change something. For starters, change the pose or find an unusual place.

Don't hide your discontent

If you can't get past some things, don't avoid talking to your partner. However, calm down first because you will surely say something in the affect that you don't think, and you'll regret it later.

Make decisions together

Talk about all the important and less important things with one another and look for solutions and decisions together.

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