Tips for choosing a suitable home for the elderly

Finding the right home for the elderly, for yourself or a friend of a third age requires you to visit more of these institutions to determine what is available. Keep in mind that this is probably the last place your dear person will live and needs to be in tune with your needs.

Whichever home you choose, visit it first (perhaps with a friend or social worker). If possible, stay in it for a while. Prepare in advance a list of what is important to you that the home provides.


Is it good, bad or satisfying? Are the needs of the special diet met?


Do you have to share a room - and what happens if you disagree with the person you share the room with?


Is there a TV and who chooses the program? Can you have a radio or TV in your room? Is there room for reading and relaxation?

Books and newspapers

Does the home have a library or does the local city library provide special services in the home? Are newspapers delivered?

Other things you might consider include: can you visit; can you bring your favorite armchair with you; can you have a pet; can you consult your doctor; can you have control over your finances.

When a person sells a home or an apartment and their property and enters a nursing home, it is difficult to change that decision. However, any problems that arise can be resolved with other protégés or staff.

Rights and protection

No one can be forcibly forced into an old people's home simply because they are old and infirm. But if it is a person with a severe mental disorder or if the person is a danger to themselves and others, the local health and social welfare office may request a court order to place such person in an appropriate institution.

However, most seniors willingly go to a nursing home - or for the well-meaning advice of relatives. These individuals seek a comfortable, homely atmosphere with skilled and caring staff - nurses and support staff. In most cases, they get it.

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