Tips for couples to talk about before marriage and marriage

Couples who decide to marry should first discuss topics that could lead to problems and even divorce, most commonly related to children and financial plans. Compromise is crucial in every relationship because you cannot agree on all the little things and plan your entire life, but it is only possible if both parties are ready to make certain concessions.

In order to maintain a good relationship and have a happy married life, partners need to discuss the following topics before marrying.


Children are one of the most important topics partners should discuss before getting married because it is a life-changing decision. It often happens that the partner who wants the children simply assumes that the person with whom he or she is dating wants the same without asking questions about what is wrong. There is a need to talk openly about whether you want to and when and how many children you will have.

If one of the partners does not want to have children at all, the other side should think carefully and be really sure if they are ready to agree.

Housing issue

The problem may arise if the partners live in different cities or one of them is for them to move in with their parents, while the other thinks that they should rent or buy an apartment. Arrangement for a future place of residence is very important because that apartment or house will be a place where the spouses will make memories and where their children will grow up, if they choose to have them.


It is necessary to talk about who has what loan, how it will be repaid, jointly, separately or there is some third option. It is also important to agree on the payment of other expenses such as utilities, food and household supplies.

Before marriage, it is also necessary to balance the differences in access to money, if one partner is frugal and the other is frugal. Aside from different spending habits, one partner may be making more money than another.


Sex is very important for the survival of a relationship or marriage, so it is necessary to talk about how important to which side he really matters, what can be expected after marriage, how to deal with the issue in the future and how to spice up his sex life, because at one point he will surely become monotonous.


Agreeing on this topic is very important because partners need to support each other in everything and so when it comes to personal realization. There is a need to talk about the importance of a career, the goals each side wants to achieve in the future and make the best plan for how to achieve it.

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