Tips for girls and women when traveling alone

We bring you helpful tips for women who love to travel the world alone or in the company of friends. Women of softer sex must be aware of all the potential dangers that lurk in the distant world. Studies have shown that women are more likely to experience theft on trips and are more likely to run out of money and documents. Therefore caution for all those embarking on the journey.

Hotel rooms with alarm

Choose hotels that have a door alarm or a chain on the inside of the door. This will ensure that no one can enter your room while you sleep.

It is dangerous to leave a glass on the bar

Rape drugs are the most common means of stunning women abroad. These drugs have a similar effect to alcohol lasting up to 8 hours. The assailants are lurking young women in bars and clubs, waiting for a moment of carelessness to throw drugs into their drinks. Never leave a glass on the bar and table as the consequences can be fatal.

Carry tear gas in your bag

The tear gas does not take up much space in the bag and is a good weapon against attackers. Learn to use it on time and carry it with you.

Travel to Islamic countries

When a woman travels alone to an Islamic country she has to be extra careful. Islamic culture is dominated by men. So in Cairo you won't see a woman's face in the cafes and you might think that all the women have been abducted by aliens. The woman's job is to cook and take care of the family.

If you are traveling to Morocco, be prepared for a lot of "men's throwing". It is quite common for Moroccans to come and call a woman outside without asking her name. You can reject them ten times in a row, they will not give up and will ask again.

Love for travel and different cultures can sometimes be dangerous. So always be on the lookout and prefer to travel in company!

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