Tips for melting fat

Tips for melting fat: drink ice cold water, quench your thirst, heat your metabolism, climb and climb the stairs and most importantly - get moving - because without that you will not achieve anything!

Drink ice cold water

Here's a simple fact you rarely hear. In addition to pure water having zero calories, if you drink it chilled, your body will consume calories by heating and absorbing it. German scientists have measured the rate of metabolism (how fast you burn calories) of a group of people before and after drinking a large glass of ice-cold water. Within 40 minutes after drinking the water, they found that the rate of burning of the subjects' substances had increased by 30 percent. Such an increase would consume about 35,000 calories per year (or about 4.5 kg of fat).

Quench your thirst

Place a glass of ice-cold water next to you and drink from it constantly throughout the day, refilling it when it is heated or when you drink the whole glass, and you will never dehydrate. Why should it matter? Well, according to research from the University of California, if you are really thirsty, your metabolism slows down. Even a small dehydration can result in burning less by about 45 calories per hour. It may not sound like much, but in one year it accumulates up to almost 2.25 kg of excess body weight.

Warm up your metabolism

Don't pity the sellers of the huge miracle weight loss products when you hear the following. While they entice you to spend large amounts of money, scientists have discovered simple and inexpensive foods that can help turn your weight loss program into turbo speed. Hot peppers, as you know, are used as a spice, but some studies show that this very spicy food can temporarily speed up your metabolism. So prepare an omelet seasoned with a few chopped hot peppers or beef stew with the addition of cleaned and chopped red or green hot peppers.

Scientific studies in the Netherlands have found that a group of men and women who drank a glass of tomato juice spiced with Tabasco hot sauce about 30 minutes before a meal consumed 16 percent less calories than they drank unspoiled juice. Further research shows that hot peppers can stimulate the nerves in your mouth and stomach so that you feel tired faster.

Climb up and down the stairs

Just 4 minutes a day climbing stairs can reduce weight by 1.8 kg in a year. A person weighing about 73 kg will consume about 50 calories by climbing the stairs for 4 minutes (and going down for 1 minute). Doing so five days a week for one year will consume approximately 12,700 calories (equivalent to almost 1.8 kg of fat).

Get moving

You know the statistics: shortly after stopping your diet, most people not only regain weight loss, but also lose a few extra pounds. In order for you not to become a part of these statistics, you only need to spend 30 minutes, four days a week walking, swimming or cycling during and after the diet. This is because such low-intensity physical activity can stop the sudden and sharp decline in calorie burn that often happens when the diet is over.

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