Tired and sore legs

The legs are an extremely important part of the body that will bring us from point A to point B. But like all other parts of the body, they are prone to various painful and uncomfortable conditions. Sometimes they are caused by our actions like dancing in high heels all night long or wearing too tight shoes, maybe running a marathon or climbing a mountain. But what if you feel random leg pain here and there?

Is this the reason you should see a doctor? Just like with any other pain that you have noticed, there can be many causes. You know your body best and feel if this is something you should worry about. Sciatica is one of the most common causes of sudden onset of leg pain that you cannot explain. It occurs as a consequence of the sedentary lifestyle.

What is happening? Thus, sitting in the same position for a long time in a college or workplace, for example, and lack of physical activity will cause a large and thick nerve, which is actually composed of several smaller nerves, to become involved. These nerves come out of the spine, then descend through the buttocks through the entire leg all the way to the foot. In this case, you will need to see a doctor and change some life habits.

Pain can also occur as a symptom of varicose veins. Ie. blood will collect in the lower body and the veins will visibly swell. The mere pressure on the walls of these veins will cause discomfort and pain although this, a very common condition, may not necessarily be accompanied by pain.

Peripheral artery disease is the opposite, but no less painful condition, where the blood vessels constrict. Blood circulation is impaired and this leads to pain and tingling especially in the area of ​​the leaves or joints. Osteomyelitis refers to inflammation but one that affects bone structures.

But what often are leg cramps? Have you ever woken up with an almost unbearable pain in the leaf. The causes can be anything from improper footwear choices, standing all day in these uncomfortable shoes, poor circulation, weakened muscles, or lack of some elements in the body like potassium. So if you are not sure what the cause of your pain is, we recommend a visit to your doctor. Better safe than sorry. Many of these conditions can be alleviated by timely detection.

Author: L.K. Photo by KSR / Shutterstock

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