Train in snow

Once upon a time in one village there was the most beautiful and largest house in the whole world. It was a village school. The school was not so beautiful in all the villages. The school was always full of cheerful children running around the school corridors mischievously, all coming from the surrounding villages. From the village of Jabukovac come Pero, Ljuban and Draga.

But everyone goes to school on their own side of the road because they quarreled. The altercation happened during the summer holidays. That day, many children were in the meadow. They decided to play weddings. The girls could not agree on which of them would be the bride, so they decided to choose the bride with a dial. But in the end the count determined that the bride was no more or less than Darling, and the groom was Pero. The wedding was to take place in Jarak, where the villagers were otherwise throwing dead animals. There they were waiting for a little pop that was already too young for fear. The bushes seemed to be moving non stop, so when he saw the wedding guests in the distance, he hurried toward them. When they saw him, the wedding party made him feel good. They all returned to Jarak and the ceremony could begin. But suddenly a horse's skull fell in front of them. Everyone was so scared that they fell to the floor in fear. Then three boys came out of the bushes, one of them was Ljuban. Namely, Ljuban wanted revenge on them for not inviting him to a wedding.

The cheerful society then began to fight, and eventually they fled. There are only a few boys left to join Ljuban. Darling, on the other hand, was furious because her wedding game had been ruined. Ljuban wanted to redeem himself, so he invited the remaining children to continue playing, but Darling now needed to find a new groom. She chose Ljuban, but he told her that he should not marry yet because his dad had told him he had to go to the army first. Darling was very offended and decided not to speak to Pero and Ljuban again. Now that the first day of school had come everyone was going separately, as if they did not know each other. The cheerful company was moving into the fourth grade. They were already quite big, so they looked at the first team from high.

One day at school, they were learning about what life was like when they were cooperatives. The teacher then came up with the idea for the students to make one their own cooperative. For starters, they had to choose a co-operative host, and the teacher gave them a week to choose. They needed to choose a just and strict person. More than anything, Pero wanted to become a host, so he went from one student to another, offering them a bribe just to choose him. He had a full bag of fruit on Election Day and he honored everyone just to vote for him. But he also brought candy and chocolate from the store and offered it to the children in exchange for votes.

When students were asked to choose a host, the teacher warned them that there were often all kinds of fraud and bribery in adults, but he also told them that he suspected that they had it. When they heard what the teacher was saying to them, the children linked it to Per, so they changed their minds. Now they were mocking him. And there were no sweets either…

When Ljuban went to the wood a little later, he saw Draga struggling to get water out of the well. He decided to help her, but when he approached, she was gone. He took a pot and poured water on it and brought it to class. But as her other children scoffed, pushed, Draga threw away the pot, which was the cause of the fight and shout. When the teacher entered the classroom and saw the fight, he concluded that the election was fierce.

The teacher then learned the truth about Peri and how he wanted to bribe the students to win. When voting finally began, Pero was the only one to vote for himself. After an uncertain first round of voting, Dear and Ljuban entered the second round. Eventually he defeated Ljuban and became the host.

On his way back from the store, Draga's father was attacked by Pera and his dog as he passed their house. Ljuban then stepped in and decided to resolve all the disputes in front of the cooperative Ljubanovac. Draga's father then praised Ljuban.

The first meeting of the cooperatives was to be held on Saturday afternoon. Pero boycotted meetings non-stop using various false pretenses. One day, Ljuban, at the teacher's urging, entered the class and said that an extraordinary cooperative meeting would be held. Feather was immediately upset and pale, fearing that Ljuban had accused him of throwing stones at him.

Ljuban conducted the meeting with the help of the teacher in a fair way. When the meeting ended and Pero realized that he had not been accused of anything, he began bragging again. Then he was stopped by Joza who told him that no one believed him anymore.

Ljuban decided to read to everyone the invitation they received from an old doctor from Zagreb. Specifically, he invited them to a hygiene exhibition, and they all agreed that it was best to travel in February when winter was a little discounted. Until then, they will also collect money from monthly membership fees.

The day of February 8th arrived.Everyone was very excited, waiting for Ljuban to settle everything with the cards and get on the train. For many students, it was a real experience because they had never traveled before. On the wagon of the train was the inscription of the Cooperative Ljubanovac, and Nada was in charge of its printing. The teacher was bad out of the way, so Ljuban took over all the hosts' concerns, which made the conductor pleasantly surprised.

When the train finally arrived in town, it did not go unnoticed. Namely, such a cheerful group of children was rarely seen in the city. In addition to the exhibition, they decided to visit a printing company and a factory of chocolate and dried meat products. After that, a fierce hailstorm with cold wind began, and the teacher took the children to a warm apartment where they waited for a cinema show. The hailstorm turned into heavy snow, which worried the teacher and the cooperatives.

During the cinema, the teacher got sick and was taken to hospital. He sent a letter from the hospital to Ljuban in which he gave him the full trust of the cooperative manager. The cooperatives soon headed back home. It didn't take long for them to split. Namely, one part gathered around Ljuban and another part around Pero. When he checked the tickets, the conductor invited Ljuban to come out into the hall. He told him he was afraid of heavy snow. Ljuban told him all about the wagon disagreements and was happy to count on the conductor.

After that, Ljuban returned to the wagon and saw a mess and a shout. He then decided it was best to give up the host role, but the kids persuaded him not to. He remained, but provided he collected food and clothing from everyone to see what they had and distribute in the event the train stopped in the snow. The conductor watched with amazement as the children were overbearing, but in the end, agreeing. When all had been agreed, Ljuban asked the conductor to separate Peru and his company from the wagon to another wagon for peace.

Darling was sitting quietly in the corner of the wagon, and when the conductor decided to move some of the children to another wagon, she got up and followed Pero. It soon stopped snowing and it was daylight. The conductor looked at the children here and there and was pleased. But then the train, with its speed, rammed into the snow. They even unplugged the locomotive, but to no avail.

Over time, it became colder in the wagon because there was no heating due to a separate locomotive. He was kind to the driver, but he did not accept. The kids decided to help by trying to get snow off their wheels and axles with their own hands.

The cooperatives organized everything well. They brought the embers around which they heated and changed it regularly. They split into groups according to the conductors' instructions and worked hard to dispose of all the snow. Even Pero showed up, but only to check on how the business was progressing. Dear was now sorry that she was in Perina's company so she wished to return to Ljubana. And so did more and more children. Although they persuaded Drago to stay with Perina's company, when Ljuban learned that she was ill, he rushed to Perina's wagon and took her to another class where the conditions were better.

Over time, more workers became ill, and only children remained in the snow. But after a while the effort paid off - the train finally started! The pen was left alone because now everyone was back in Ljuban's company. When they got on well, everyone fell asleep and even Ljuban, who was overcome with fatigue.

As everyone was sleeping, Pero decided to take a chance and get on the wagon to grab some food. He was already very hungry now. He was scrambling to wake someone up, and then suddenly an orange fell out of his hand. Although everything seemed to be going well, when he passed Ljuban, he grabbed him by the leg. They started racing the wagons, and eventually Pero closed himself in the toilet. When he thought that Ljuban had left, Pero came out of the toilet and was greeted by annoyed Ljuban. When he saw it, Pero jumped into the deep snow.

As soon as the winter began to tickle, Ljuban decided to pull it out. But then Pero decided to take revenge on him, so he tried to push him out of the train. After he failed to do so, they parted ways and Ljuban returned to his co-operatives.

Still, Pero came back to repent. Ljuban decided to take him back and promised not to tell anyone what had happened. When Pero fell asleep, Ljuban remembered Darling and decided to go to another wagon to see how he was. Soon all the co-operatives woke up and saw a sleeping Peru in their wagon. First they made jokes with him, and then they decided to go to his wagon, and they left him alone.

My darling was no better. The conductor advised them to change her linings to lower her temperature. The girls were in charge. They borrowed shirts for the linings. As the train stopped again in the snow, workers soon arrived to excavate the snow. My dear was no better and now everyone knew they would have to go to the doctor as soon as possible. Because of the great concern for Draga, it worked in two shifts. After a while, the train was finally free of snow and could continue its journey towards the village. And Dear was already much better. To the conductor, the children grew so heartbroken that he was now saying goodbye to them in tears.

When they arrived at the station, the children asked the conductor not to wake Peru until everyone had disembarked.Perra's father was looking for his son, and when Pero finally got off the train he was so embarrassed that he couldn't lift his head.

The conductor had only words of praise for Ljuban and told everyone that he cared for everyone as if he were their father. Dear's father offered to take Ljubana home because his father could not come. So after a long time, Pero, Ljuban and Draga settled on the sleigh that drove them home. Ljuban thought about the trains that took him to sleep. He didn't even notice when they got to his house and moved him to his bed.

Illustration by Sanja Rogosic

Epic train and snow plowing action in Minnesota (May 2022)