Transfer the ombre trend to your lips

Have you heard of a multi-colored kiss? In the world of make-up lately, there has been a growing talk of multidimensionality being transferred to the lips. What is it exactly about? Combining two colors or more textures like matte and glossy lipsticks gives your lips the volume you need.

In addition, they look juicier, fuller and thus more attractive or interesting. The whole story started with the term ombre, playing two or more colors that in a natural and special way overlapped from root to tip. This popular trend has gained fans all over the world and there are more and more of them every day.

Ombre magic has moved to our lips recently as well. The match made with two different lip colors gives the impression of 3 D and the volume already mentioned. It is known as the warm seasons are predicted for a little less makeup and more light clothes.

See how to get an ombre on your lips.

As we are mostly hidden in sunglasses during the summer, it is necessary to emphasize on the lips. Like the famous designer Holly Funton, combine orange and fuchsia, or some other shade.

See what it looks like when you apply an ombre in brown.

In addition to the usual lipsticks that you can use to achieve everything, focus on lip glosses, which can also give the impression of an ombre effect in a slightly softer tone. Combining mother-of-pearl glitter, sequins and pigment-rich gloss gives you the volume you want.

Colors not strictly defined you can play with a wide variety. Take your lipstick and only put it on your upper lip. Squeeze your lips to transfer the lipstick to another lip. Spread it slightly on the outer edge.

Put it again on the upper lip, which will be darker than the lower lip, and for more gloss, put on a colorless glow.

For anyone who does not naturally have an abusive person, here are some helpful tips that can help. Before applying lipstick or gloss, put on a balm. Draw a thicker pencil in red, with the exception of the center of the lip.

Apply the lipstick first in pink, as you want to overlap with the deep red color. To achieve a 3 D effect, use a glitter in any shade of pink. In addition to the balm, you can use Labello and even Melem. It is important that these are cosmetic products that nourish your lips.

Author: S.Š. Photo: Woman with pink hues, Photo: Valua Vitaly / Shutterstock

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