Use of thermal water

Thermal water has long been known as a very healing agent. Ancient peoples used it to solve problems of rheumatic nature, but also to treat various skin diseases. Today's pharmaceutical and cosmetics have recognized the healing properties of this water, so it is added to various preparations, but is also sold on its own, mainly in the form of a spray.

In the last ten years, thermal water has been increasingly used in dermatology, whether it is used as pure spray water or as an adjunct to a preparation. Those thermal waters we find in stores vary in their mineral content and their healing properties. Many studies have shown that thermal water promotes the stabilization of the damaged skin surface, reduces skin irritation and restores softness.

Thermal water has a good effect on all skin types and is a good refresher for hot summer days. It is full of useful minerals, hypoallergenic, bacteriologically pure, and is produced without additional odors. It can treat sensitive and irritated skin, giving it anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-irritant effects. Feel free to use thermal water if you get an allergic reaction to the sun as it will reduce the feeling of itching, skin burning and tightening.

This type of water is very easy to apply, the spray is applied to the skin of the face and wait a few minutes to dry. Thermal water does not need to be added to the skin, it will absorb itself. Women are advised to apply thermal water over make-up as it then acts as a fixative. It can be used before applying makeup as it nourishes the skin perfectly and can be used in an unlimited amount.

Author: M. T., Photo: Rido / Shutterstock

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