Valamar Jazz Festival

Every year, at the beginning of the ninth month, a real music festival takes place in Poreč. This is a musical event that strives to put jazz in the forefront and attract as many fans of this type of music every year.

Poreč as a city is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations, which attracts its guests because of its rich tourist content, and which besides the sea and beautiful beaches also attracts a large number of events, each of which has something for which to travel to this part of Istria.

When we take a closer look, one of these events has a special artistic note, and of course we are talking about a jazz festival. Every year, a large number of musicians and experts gather at this venue, which we can really say is valid in this area. This year was no exception.

When we talk about the program we should mention our famous artist Tamara Obrovac, who managed to record her performance in the Euphrasian Basilica. There was also Richard Galliano, most famous for his famous "Tango Project".

In addition to them, other performers such as the Miguel Zenon Quartet performed on St. Nicholas Island, with Tania Maria VivaBrazil, Tom Harrell Quintet and Nils Landgren Funk Unit performing. As we see a large number of world-renowned performers.

If by any chance you find yourself in this area next year, feel free to listen to one of the performances that we believe will make a big impression not only if you are a fan of jazz but also in general. Poreč and all its sights are simply the ideal location and, of course, the backdrop for maintenance, not only of music, but of all other events.

So you don't have to be a jazz fan to enjoy these days at sea on beautiful beaches in the best of company.

Valamar Jazz Festival - Poreč (May 2022)