Wedding invitations are the first contact with the guests

When the engagement is announced, the wedding is arranged and preparations begin, with invitations being the first contact with the guests. Their design, design and final appearance are something for which you will have to be patient and willing to cooperate and compromise.

The idea is endless, every day there is a new trend, and the novelty is the invitations in antique bottles, decorated with lace, silk, beads or some very different details. They can also be found folded in different ways or in the form of a photo with future brides in the background.

But whatever the invitations, traditional, unconventional and informal, they announce what a wedding could be. Invitations are the first contact to announce what direction a party might go, and couples planning a wedding want that first contact to be special, to reflect character, temperament and life philosophy.

As far as the invitation is concerned, the text is important. Many couples want their own lyrics, so prospective newlyweds love to compete for who will write better text for the invitation. Whether the invitation will include a verse from your special song is also a matter of choice. Invitations, announcements, and wedding invitations should contain important information regarding your wedding day. Therefore, it should be written at what time the wedding starts at the church, with the registrar or at a third place, and the location of the celebration, whether it is a restaurant or a party. Also, write down the names and cell phone numbers of the newlyweds so guests can confirm their arrival and let you know how many people organize the wedding.

Start sending invitations two to three months before the wedding, but if your pregnancy is an emergency, no one will mind you too much. It is important that your dream day goes exactly the way you want it and you have a great time. Before choosing invitations, you need to make a guest list to order the exact number of invitations. You need one invitation per family, single or couple, but order a dozen more if you decide to expand your guest list at the last minute.

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