What a tool every house should have

The tool is certainly one of the things that every household should have. Of course, this is not about the latest cry of fashion, but about the essential need for contingencies. Instead of calling a master, you can use the tool to solve the problem yourself.

Before you decide to purchase a tool, do a little research and see what the latest brands are, or what it is worth buying. Of course, choosing a tool depends mostly on whether you are a master yourself or when you need it.

This is where the most important thing is the professional tool needed by all those in the profession. Also, there are those tools that are suitable for all those who may need several times in their lives in the event of a minor malfunction.

Avoid shopping in suspicious stores. You certainly don't want to go looking for a new one after using the hammer twice, since the previous one managed to withstand only two swings.

Each household must have: meter, hammer, 1-2 types of pliers, 1 -2 types of screwdriver, drill, file, saw, spatula, scissors, multiple types of nails and screws, stock fuses, wires, ladders, etc. according to needed.

Among other accessories, it is advisable for the tool cabinet to contain: spirit, cleaning agents, machine oil, gypsum, wood glue, porcelain glue, chalk, etc. All tools must always be in a specific place.

The tool should be cleaned and re-stored after use. Always keep bottles with a zipper in the house. All scattered things (gypsum / gypsum, chalk, etc.) are much better kept in a bottle than in paper bags.

Tool Recommendations for New Homeowners | Ask This Old House (May 2022)