What are consumer rights

You may not be aware of this, but as a buyer in EU countries you have various legal rights to buy. Here are some helpful tips on what consumer rights are. The rule states that every product must fit the description, regardless of whether the goods are described by the seller or their description is on the packaging, label or in the advertisement, including all pictures of the item.

The product must speak for its purpose, whether it is for the general purpose of the item or for some specific purpose that you stated when purchasing it.

The product should be of satisfactory quality, meaning that the goods must be in good condition, of satisfactory appearance and finish, safe to use, free from defects or defects, and must last for some time. In addition, if you have been shown a sample of a fabric or rug, the goods delivered must be appropriate.

If you purchase goods that do not meet the above conditions, you have the right to return them and claim a refund. You do not have to accept the replacement copy or repair the original. You only have to react within a reasonable time.

If the shoes are loosened the first time they are worn during rainy weather, they say that they do not fit their purpose, but if you wear them during a flood and miss them, this will not be a cause for complaint.

The merchant cannot be held responsible for the expected wear and tear due to the use of the product, as well as for damages caused by improper handling or use.

Junk goods

If someone sends you goods you have not ordered, you do not have to return or pay for them. When companies try to collect goods that have not been ordered, they work against the law. If this happens to you, contact the shop supervisor.

Shop online or catalog

Buying online, a catalog or a TV sale entails special rights that apply only to goods produced in Europe. So there must be a deadline for you to cancel your order. If they have not told you in this case, the cancellation period is extended to three months.

You must return the goods in the same condition as you received them, and your refund should follow within 30 days. However, these rules do not apply to online auctions, perishable goods, daily newspapers or magazines, or to computer software, DVDs, or audio if the product is open or the original is damaged.

Author: Tajana, Photo: wavebreakmedia/ Shutterstock

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities (May 2022)