What are good fats

When we talk about fats, most people immediately think of the negative part of their diet. However, fats are indispensable and necessary. They are an integral part of each of our cells, helping our body to break down the foods we consume and give us energy as successfully as possible. Fats improve the taste of food, lubricate our body, bones and joints and protect us from negative external influences, such as low temperatures or viruses.

Because fats have good and bad characteristics, so do we share them. Bad fats are the ones that negatively affect our body. These are saturated fats and their origin is animal. Meat, eggs and dairy are one of them. By themselves, these foods are very healthy and necessary for our body to function properly.

The problem occurs when many producers add extra fat to non-fat meats or dairy products. These fats are processed and are not of animal origin and therefore contain substances harmful to the body.

Unsaturated fat from foods protects the body against cardiovascular disease and strengthens it. They are divided into monounsaturated (monounsaturated) and polyunsaturated (polyunsaturated). Monounsaturated fats are taking on an increasingly important role in the world of nutrition.

The greatest protectors are the heart and blood vessels. One of the richest natural sources of monounsaturated fat is olive oil. When choosing and buying olive oil, extra virgin is recommended.

It is an excellent source of antioxidants that control the intake of fat, sugar and protein in the blood. It is also effective against cancer. Nuts are also rich in monounsaturated acids, especially foods such as nuts and peanuts.

Polyunsaturated fats are the healthiest fats. They contain large amounts of omega-3 acids, and one of the main foods they contain is fish oil. It has a positive effect on suppressing the symptoms of depression because it stimulates nerve cells and improves brain function.

Seafood, most fish, has a beneficial effect on health and reduces the incidence of heart disease. Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids valuable for good health. We recommend that you consume fish at least once a week.

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