What are the bad fats

Most of the classic diet of most people are made up of fats, whether saturated or unsaturated fats. For a healthy, disease-free life and a lot of energy, it is good to know what bad fats are and what foods to avoid or at least reduce greatly.

Fats are needed by every human body because they help in the proper development and growth of children, they are important for good vision, skin health and the growth and renewal of cells in the body. No matter how much they are needed in the human body, it is necessary to know that not all fats are good and that some would be good to get out of the daily diet.

There are saturated and trans fats that are considered bad fats. These fats are considered to be the main culprit for the deadly diseases of which most people die today, and these are diseases of the circulatory system, which should not be surprising since they cause clogged blood vessels and cholesterol. Poor fats also promote weight gain and can also cause diabetes.

Saturated fatty acids are most prevalent in animal foods such as dairy products, eggs, red meat and coconut. Unlike trans fats, saturated fat may be present in a small part in the diet. This means that if you drink one cup of milk or eat one egg a day, you will not adversely affect your health.

Trans fats are more dangerous and harmful than saturated fats, since they are man-made and are used to preserve food and its longer life. Most of them are in chips and ready-made popcorn sold in cinemas and at various sporting events and popcorn provided for the microwave. Trans fats are mostly present in processed fried foods.

These fats should be eliminated from the daily diet and turned to unsaturated or good fats, most of which are found in fish, olive oil and nuts. The fish that contains the most omega 3 fatty acids is tuna, salmon and sardines.

It should concentrate on specialties containing the aforementioned foods that will enhance the quality of life.

Good fats are liquid at room temperature, while bad or saturated fats are solid. Knowing the difference between good and bad fats is the best path to health.

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Dietary Fats: The Good and Bad (May 2022)